Radio Calderdale Member Celebrates his 90th Birthday

Today, 17th February, sees our oldest and second longest standing member, Ernest celebrate his 90th birthday. Ernie joined Radio Calderdale in 1982, not long after it was launched. He answered an advert in The Courier asking for donations for records. Ernie had a vast collection of James Last records which he was happy to share but not give away- so he ‘joined up’ and brought his records with him! 38 years later, he was still playing them until Covid closed our studios! Ernie has presented a show most weeks on Radio Calderdale, only taking breaks to enjoy a cruise or two, or when he has been unwell. He has presented a Christmas Day show every year, and famously used to enjoy his Christmas dinner in the hospital canteen before returning to the studios to present another hour. He hopes to be back on air with his easy listening show which incorporates The Halifax Talking Newspaper as soon as restrictions allow. Ernie was spending his birthday at home with his wife Mary, no doubt taking lots of phone calls from his son Mark and family and friends.Happy 90th birthday, Ernie, from all at Radio Calderdale. 

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